Falling protection platform

The Falling Protection Platform has been designed to allow workers to safely walk on top of the trucks by being secured with a safety harness. The harness hangs and slides along the rails attached to the main girders of the platform under which the truck is positioned.

The TILLEN-added value:
●   Complete design and verification;
●   Drawing package ready for production;
●   Designed following ISO 14122 Safety of Machinery– Permanent Means of Access to Machinery.

Applicable codes/norm:

●  NEN-EN 1991-1-4;
●  NEN-EN 1993-1-1;
●  ISO 12494 2017 Atmospheric icing of structures.

Facts and figures:

●   Platform is installed via bolted flanges to the foundation;
●   Weight 6 ton;
●  LxWxH 13x10x7 metres.

Article number: 200825

Falling protection 2
Falling protection 1
Falling protection 2 Falling protection 1