Turn-key projects

TILLEN provides a “one-stop shop” experience for clients by offering services for the entire life cycle of a project. In-house, TILLEN can design projects from schematic phase to construction phase, and we calculate and structurally verify those designs in accordance with national and international norms. Our skilled drafting department provides static and interactive 3D models, and adeptly translate those models into an extensive fabrication drawing package which can include project documents such as method statements and fabrication books.

We unburden clients by removing the need to carry out a procurement bid process and instead, we can take care of fabrication, test set-ups, testing supervision, installation, and commissioning of the project (EPIC contracts).

The one-stop-shop concept can make a project’s life cycle run more efficiently. At an early stage, our engineers are tuned in on designing with expectations of certifying authorities in mind and the requirements of production facilities, greatly limiting risks that otherwise are known to jeopardize the success of a project at such a late stage. Furthermore our close working relationships with fabrication partners can further ensure a smooth communication of our design intentions, while in turn providing the shop with a fabrication-friendly design. This partnership has proven itself to successfully maintain scheduling expectations, and in many cases shorten lead times.

In short, nobody knows our designs and can communicate them in better detail and with more precision than us!

And from a big picture point of view, our expertise across many industries places us in a firm position to provide overarching consultation services and Project Management of large projects.

In executing these services, we do not shy away from drawing from our vast network of external specialists and additional work forces to meet all expectations.

Design & Verification

Our Design Services is where the development of your new equipment or structure begins. We channel the years of experience and creative mindset of our Design Engineering department to develop functional design solutions for your challenges. We then optimize these ideas by implementing a rigorous evaluation process in which we collaborate with you, process feedback, and make adjustments as requested until your vision is realized. Through the use of project documents such as Basis of Design and Calculation Reports we diligently define design criteria and ensure certification standards are met. These reports are recognized and utilized by certifying authorities to attain certifications.

There is no use designing something that is not structurally sound, and you can be certain that no certifying body will award accreditation to such a design. This is why at TILLEN, no design advances from one phase to the next without undergoing our strict structural verification processes. Our highly skilled structural team (or team of “Casio’s” as we’ve jokingly taken to calling them) are motivated to find and solve structural inconsistencies and shortcomings in every design that enters their operating system. Every phase of a TILLEN project has a dedicated structural verification process in which we use a powerful combination of finite element analysis (FEA) and hand calculating techniques to challenge structural integrity. This tactic coupled with the team’s passion for structural engineering fundamentals will ensure a robust design without the cost of over-engineering which can sometimes plague a project. The project documents previously mention are exemplary of this concept and our track record for achieving design appraisal, from several different governing bodies, is proof positive that our methods are effective.

Above all, our main concern is to ensure the safety and practicality in all our designs. To achieve this commitment, we are determined to stay on this path of developing premium designs and never wavering from the principals of engineering.


TILLEN is employable as an advisor on technical designs, design processes, design appraisals, and certification matters. Our advice can be focused on the design itself or, more broadly, on the design process. More specifically we perform design verification calculations, and can advise and manage the process of design appraisal and certification by a governing body.

For specific design related advice, we offer guidance on:

    • system functionality;
    • interfacing between elements;
    • manufacturability;
    • handling, installation and assembly of subsystems;
    • attaining certification and design appraisal.

We assist in the design process by offering advice on:

    • organizing CAD models;
    • drawing files;
    • document control process;
    • quality control;
    • verification;
    • project documentation.